NINGBO SMANL ELECTRICAL APPLIANCE CO., LTD. is a high-tech company, which mainly manufactures auxiliary equipments for injection molding machine. The company follows the management philosophy of satisfying the domestic and abroad customer's request, making high-quality auxiliary equipments, to explores and develops for innovation continuously. With the introduce of western advanced technology, SMANL brand auxiliary equipments such as ROBOT, CRUSHER, HOPPER DRYER, AUTOLOADER, INDUSTRY CHILLER, MOLD TEMP. CONTROLLER, PLASTIC DEHUMIDIFYING DRYER and MIXER are infused with SMANL Person's thought and soul. Wherever they are, they are widely praised and won good evaluation from the vast majority of customers.

SMANL brand Central Conveying System is customized for each customer. Combined with SMANL brand ROBOT, BELT CONVEYOR, COLOR DOSE MIXER, AUTOMATIC CUTTER, the company designs environmental friendly, energy saving with high quality and efficient project to save production costs, improve the products quality and enhance the enterprise competition strength.

Adapting to the market demand, SMANL cooperates with Japanese companies and develops NAVIS all-electric precision injection molding machines. These IMMs not only have the high-level appearance, but also has the characteristics of high efficiency, energy saving and precise intelligence, being a pioneer in environmental innovation. '' The road ahead will be long and arduous, and we will continue to explore and expand ".

The SMANL person will be brave to investigate and diligently innovate, the SMANL brand will go farther and farther, reach throughout the world.

Meeting the needs of users at home and abroad, Manufacturing high-quality of auxiliarry equipments

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